Windsor will have to wait for answers after mega-hospital tribunal wraps up

A tribunal decision will be made in writing and could take a few months to be delivered. 

CAMPP lawyer says there is an 'obligation to consult' with Indigenous communties, which wasn't done

The new mega-hospital will stand 10 storeys tall and have 500 beds. (Windsor Regional Hospital Handout)

The Local Planning and Appeal Tribunal started its third day of hearings about the Windsor-Essex mega-hospital with less turmoil than the previous two days. 

Lawyer Eric Gillespie, representing the Citizens for an Accountable Mega-hospital Planning Process group contesting the choosing of the County Road 42 site, responded to claims from the City of Windsor and Windsor Regional Hospital from the days prior. 

After listening to Gillespie's comments, the tribunal closed and said a written decision would be provided at a later date.

'Obligation to consult'

According to Gillespie, CAMPP has concerns with the infrastructure set on the site on County Road 42, noting that what currently exists is a small portion of what will eventually need to be there. 

Gillespie said the city gave "some notice" in deciding the location, but there is an "obligation to consult" with Indigenous communities in the region, which wasn't done. Gillespie listed a number of concerns CAMPP has with the location for the mega-hospital, including transportation issues and urban sprawl.

CAMPP was also concerned that their experts weren't recognized as "qualified," as well as the change of zoning. 

The LPAT hearing was CAMPP's final avenue to challenge the mega-hospital's proposed location on County Rd 42.

A tribunal decision will be made in writing and could take a few months to be delivered. 


  • A previous version of this story stated CAMPP lawyer Eric Gillespie said the city had an 'obligation to consult.' The city's consultation obligation pertained to consultations with Indigenous communities. The story has been updated to reflect this fact.
    Oct 10, 2019 2:44 PM ET


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