Lisa Kolody on the quality of life in Windsor-Essex

WindsorEssex Community Foundation report of quality of life in Windsor-Essex.
Lisa Kolody is the Executive Director of the WindsorEssex Community Foundation. WECF released it's fourth annual Vital Signs report Thursday. (Aadel Haleem)

The WindsorEssex Community Foundation released its fourth annual Vital Signs report Thursday. 

The report analyzes quality of life issues in Windsor-Essex, providing a community snapshot of shared — and divergent — concerns in 11 different areas. Every summer, the organization does a survey asking community members to respond to a series of questions and compare that with provincial and national data.

Lisa Kolody is the Executive Director of the WindsorEssex Community Foundation.

Here are edited excerpts from the interview:

What are the highlights of the report?

There are positive perceptions of our community in Windsor-Essex. Overall, it was all decent grades. There's no area where they're saying we have a failing mark but lots of areas where we're doing well but could do better. 

What are we doing well?

People think we're doing well at our sense of belonging and how we welcome newcomers to our community. We have a variety of arts and culture activities and people are involved in that. There are still opportunities for improvement and raising awareness of what exists in the community but those are some areas people are happy with.

And what are they unhappy with?

We're still looking at more opportunities around work, opportunities for training. People are really looking at improved transportation, regional transportation, access to transportation. We're not really surprised but this is good data from the community on what people are looking for. 

One of the issues was food security. How did that change year-over-year? 

People like our access to local food and local food production but we would still like to see it be more accessible to everyone. If you have the means to drive it's a little bit easier to access local food but if you don't, it's difficult to access to local, nutritious, affordable food.

How healthy are we?

We are healthy. People would like to see more improvements in access to doctors. In obesity levels and things like that, we are close to provincial and national averages. But the community is really looking for more access to services and that is understandable.