Liberal candidate Dave Sundin. He's kind of a big thing ... in Sweden

Swedes have taken a liking to Windsor West Liberal candidate Dave Sundin on Twitter, where he’s been inundated with tweets from Stockholm to Alingsås.
(Dave Sundin Campaign/Facebook)

The tale of two David Sundins involves a guy running in Canada's federal election and a guy who is part of a comedy podcast in Sweden.

The political candidate of the same name is seeking the seat for the Liberals in the southwestern Ontario riding of Windsor West.

And on Wednesday, his name began to surface on Twitter, along with many well wishes from Swedish members of the social network.

Here's a sampling, including an image that echoes the famous Barack Obama 'Hope' poster. It looks nothing like the Sundin seeking a parliamentary seat. (It is actually a likeness of one of the podcast members who shares his name.)

While this individual is pulling Sundin …

This one claims the entire country of Sweden is behind him.

This person also thinks highly of Sundin, placing him above Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Graham Bell, Terry Fox, Sir John A. Macdonald and other iconic Canadians.

The words of online encouragement seem never ending. And one campaign staffer told CBC the "whirlwind" of tweets intensified after IKEA announced on Wednesday it would expand into Windsor, Ont.

Sundin was taking it all in stride Wednesday, thanking his Swedish supporters on Twitter.

In an interview with CBC News on Wednesday, Sundin said that while he doesn't "get geeked out very easily," he appreciates the love.

"It provides for some lighthearted humour and [I'm] really glad that it's happened," he said. "It's interesting to watch and follow."

Two guys with the same name

Martin Soneby, the host of a Sweden-based comedy podcast contacted CBC News on Wednesday to let us know why he believes the Canadian Sundin had become such a sudden object of attention on Twitter.

It all came out of the fact that one of Soneby's friends, who is also named David Sundin, learned of the Canadian of the same name.

"He's a friend of mine, also a comedian," he said in a telephone interview. "He realized that he has the same name as a Canadian politician."

The topic of the two similarly named men was, naturally, a topic of conversation on their latest podcast.

That went live on Wednesday in Sweden. And Soneby said the people on the podcast made a push on Sundin's behalf.

"We urged all our followers to follow him on social media," Soneby said. "We urged people to email him and just sort of, you know, boost him for the upcoming election. And I believe it worked."

Some of the tweets that have appeared online, however, suggest that not everyone posting about the Canadian David Sundin knows that much about the world of Canadian politics.


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