Plans 'coming together' for Leamington—Windsor transit service

Leamington to Windsor public transit service has a tentative start of July 8.

'There's a lot of working pieces' says Transit Windsor CEO

Transit Windsor already services the Town of LaSalle. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

Leamington to Windsor public transit service has a tentative start of July 8.

Transit Windsor CEO Pat Delmore said the plans are "coming together really well."

"The municipality of Leamington received a grant, a five-year grant. Through the partnership with Transit Windsor, we will be the contracted group to provide that service," said Delmore.

Although the plan isn't finalized yet, Delmore expects fares to be $10 per-trip and $15 for a same-day round-trip ride. A monthly pass option might also be available. 

Delmore said Transit Windsor had a step up when it came to being chosen by Leamington to provide pubklic transit service.

"The LaSalle model helped us put our foot forward in reaching out to other municipalities," said Delmore. "What really came out was that they were able to take part in an active transit system that is already operating. We have all the technologies being used in a full-up public transit system."

The five-year grant means the arrangement will act as a pilot program. The schedule and fees can be adjusted over the next few years. Delmore said Transit Windsor will get community feedback and look at employment and student needs when making decisions.

"It's just setting the stage for what we can be in the future," said Delmore. "There's a lot of working pieces."

Right now, three round trips are scheduled for the weekdays, with two trips on Saturdays. There will be no Sunday service. 

The municipality of Leamington has approved the agreement. Now it goes to the Transit Windsor board of directors and then to Windsor's city council for approval.


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