Buck-a-beer is back at the LCBO, but only for Family Day weekend

No Name's bright yellow six-pack is for sale Feb. 15 to Feb. 17.

A six-pack of 'No Name'-brand beer is selling for $6.60 after deposit

Jeff Gerard, left, and Matt Sgrazzutti try out buck-a-beer from No Name. (Vince Robinet/CBC)

Who can afford making buck-a-beer? It seems like No Name can, but only for a weekend.

The bright yellow six-pack will sell for $6.60 (including bottle deposit) at select LCBO locations, available from Feb. 15 to Feb. 17.

The beer will sell for $10.45 after the Family Day weekend.

CBC served the province's cheapest beer to drinkers on Erie Street to find out what they thought.

'On par with a Bud Light'

"It is what it is. It's a No Name product. The marketplace understands what No Name means," said Gord Grace.

While he preferred his craft beer, Grace said there was nothing wrong with the much cheaper option.

Gino Gesuali is the co-owner of Motor Craft Ales in Windsor, Ont. (Vince Robinet/CBC)

His companion Marcello Fontana also had a taste and said the $1.10 option was "on par with a Bud Light or a Coors Light."

They were sitting at Motor Craft Ales, a microbrewery in Windsor, Ont. Co-owner Gino Gesuali said his shop would never be able to brew beer for that price if they need to fill a full bottle.

"Just our labour and grain alone per litre, costs us $2," said Gesuali.

Customers at a microbrewery do a taste test of No Name's dollar beer. 1:01

Motor Craft Ales has been running since 2011. Gesuali explained that competing with big businesses that might be able to afford buck-a-beer is neither possible, nor his goal.

"Craft breweries are known to make great niche products and great products. And what it does is the community surrounds that. They want quality stuff," said Gesuali.

"It's definitely about the quality, not the quantity," he said.

Marcello Fontana, left, and Gord Grace take a sip of dollar beer. (Vince Robinet/CBC)

Buck-a-beer was Doug Ford's campaign promise when he was running to become premier of Ontario last year.

Ford launched the idea at a Picton, Ont. brewery, which recently hiked its dollar-beer to sell at $1.65. In December, Cool Beer Brewing Co. was sole remaining company selling $1 beer on the LCBO website.

However, a search on Feb. 15 shows the price for a 4-pack of Cool Lager has has increased to $5.40, or $1.35 each.

Jeff Gerard, who didn't have a hard time differentiating his craft beer from the dollar beer, said the campaign was "a great way to garner votes."

"Realistically, I don't think it's a realistic expectation to expect a brewery to produce quality, tasteful beer for a buck."


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