LaSalle Transit rolls out bus service linked to Windsor

The Town of LaSalle ushered in its new bus route this morning, joining the growing municipality with the Windsor service.

First ride includes VIPs as mayors check out new route

LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya chats with Windsor Morning host Tony Doucette on the inaugural ride of LaSalle's new bus. (Tom Addison / CBC News)

The Town of LaSalle ushered in its new bus route Tuesday morning and there was talk of expansion even before the inaugural ride was through. 

"It's the start again of regional transit," said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. "Something we haven't seen since the 1970s."

Dilkens and LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya were joined by the media and a handful of curious commuters as they tried out the new route.

"The reality here is in the City of Windsor we have the largest transit system in Essex County," said Dilkens, who is keen to expand transit into neighbouring communities. "It's very easy for us to scale up and add incremental service like the town of LaSalle."

Dilkens said similar partnerships were discussed with Tecumseh and Lakeshore. Neither town has plans to join at this time.

"I think it's important as we mature as a community," said Antaya, adding the service will primarily hit the northern half of LaSalle, but could expand in the future.

LaSalle partnered with Windsor Transit to purchase 2 buses. One starting at St. Clair College and one in the Morton Drive and Front Road area. The entire route takes about 45 minutes to travel, and connects with Transit Windsor routes.

Service operates Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Passengers can ride the LaSalle route for free until December 31st.