LaSalle's Alexa Carroccia records her first original songs

A LaSalle teenager, who many will recognize from an anti-bullying video that went viral earlier this year, has recorded a pair of original songs.
Alexa Carroccia has recorded a pair of songs that she wrote herself. (CBC)

Alexa Carroccia knows from first-hand experience the kind of mean things that people say about others online.

But the LaSalle teenager says she's well aware of where the toughest criticism will come from, when it comes to a pair of new songs she's recorded.

"I honestly think that I am my worst critic sometimes," Carroccia told CBC Radio's Windsor Morning on Wednesday.

Carroccia, who turned 14 this month, said she's so far received positive feedback about two original songs she's written and recorded — Not Alone and You and Me.

But the young singer said she believes criticism can be helpful for developing as an artist.

Carroccia is also an actor. Earlier this year, she was featured in an anti-bullying video, which featured kids reading mean, real-life tweets that had been directed at other people.

Her dramatic read of one of the tweets comes at the very end of minute-long video, which has to date been viewed nearly 3.9 million times on YouTube.

Carroccia said that she had dealt with bullying in her own life, which made her participation in the project meaningful for her.

"It really hit close to home and I really love that video and it's something I'm really proud of," she said.

Carroccia's full interview with Windsor Morning can be found here