Going away on vacation? Chatham-Kent police want to know

Chatham-Kent Police Service are asking those who go away for long periods to sign up with the key holder registry to have information as to who to contact in case your home or business is involved in an emergency.

Businesses and residential property owners in Chatham-Kent can register online

(Chatham-Kent Police Service)

You've locked your door, stopped your mail and have someone to water the plants, but have you let local police know you'll be away?

Chatham-Kent Police Service (CKPS) are asking vacationers to sign up with their key holder registry. It's been implemented for about a year but the service hopes to get more people signed up.

"If you're going on vacation we urge you to register your property before you leave," said Constable Renee Cowell with CKPS.

In case of an emergency, like a fire or other safety issues the information provided to the registry would allow them to get into homes and businesses when people are away.

"Should you not be home when your alarm goes off, we can contact someone locally who can help us get into the residence to make sure everything is safe," said Cowell.

The registry is open to businesses and property owners in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Registration is on the police web site. It requires the name, date of birth and the home address of the key holder. As well as their phone number and contact information for the alarm monitoring company.

Windsor Police require all residential and businesses with alarms in Windsor to register their systems with them. They recommend training the people who will use the alarm system while homeowners are away on how to cancel and set the alarm.

According to Windsor Police website, registration includes three non-refundable false alarms during the registration period. Any more false alarms will result in an $100 administrative fee per response.