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Jonathan Pinto is a reporter/editor at CBC Windsor, primarily assigned to Afternoon Drive, CBC Radio's regional afternoon show for southwestern Ontario. Email

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Why SW Ontario should care about Via's Toronto-Quebec high-frequency plan

High-frequency rail is more realistic than high-speed rail, says Transport Action Canada president.

Federal government looking at partial labour mobility for temporary foreign workers

Temporary foreign workers are currently tied to the employer that brought them to the country. Under the new proposal, foreign workers would be allowed to move between jobs, as long as it is in the same occupation.

As Detroit sues over failing LED streetlights, Windsor's are working just fine

Detroit's Public Lighting Authority is suing Leotek Electronics, which manufactured one-third of the city's LED streetlights, citing premature failure. Windsor, which used a different supplier, is not having the same issues, with less than "one-half of one percent" of lights needing warranty work.

Meet the Windsor mom who has helped install more than 800 car seats

Over the last four years, Elyse Cote has volunteered her time to help hundreds of parents safely install their car seats.

Not only is the Bradford pear the stinkiest tree of spring — it's an invasive species

The smell of its pretty white flowers have been compared to rotting fish and bodily fluids.

You can now borrow a provincial park (pass) from the Chatham-Kent Public Library

The Chatham-Kent Public Library is lending patrons backpacks containing a pass valid for entry to any Ontario provincial park.
Pinto on Food

Take a look inside Windsor's Dainty Foods — the only rice mill in Canada

Les Aliments Dainty Foods Inc. has been quietly located at the corner of Ojibway Parkway and Broadway Avenue in Windsor since 1967.

Ontario Superior Court upholds decision over expropriated riverfront land

The court upheld an Ontario Municipal Board decision that made Shergar Developments pay for the City of Windsor's legal costs.

Detroit, Windsor fire departments mark 170 years of mutual assistance

Top fire officials from Windsor and Detroit's fire departments met today to mark 170 years since Detroit firefighters helped extinguish a massive riverfront blaze.

As cities struggle to keep recycling programs afloat, Windsor-Essex is 'one step ahead'

When China shut its doors to much of the world's recyclables last year, waste authorities around the world began to panic — but not in Windsor.
Pinto on Food

Devonshire Mall food court surprising home to local Venezuelan restaurant

A mall food court isn't exactly the place where you'd think Jonathan Pinto would find the inspiration for his latest local food story — but that's exactly what happened.

Fully uniformed Sarnia officer retrieves man from chilly St. Clair River

Const. John Darnell retrieved a man in distress from the St. Clair River north of downtown Sarnia over the past weekend.

Mercedes-Benz sues Windsor artist after using his mural in its SUV advertising

Daniel Bombardier — a.k.a Denial — painted a mural in Detroit's Eastern Market called "Detroit is the Future" that was featured in an Instagram post by Mercedes-Benz. The German automaker asserts that it can use the mural in its advertising without seeking permission from the artist, which Bombardier disputes.

OPSEU claims Wheatley conservation officers being moved to Chatham

The union representing conservation officers says the provincial government is planning on stationing them 50 kilometres away from the harbour in Wheatley.
Pinto on Food

Feast on Persian kebabs, stews and rice at Windsor's Alborz Restaurant

The former Snack Bar-B-Q space on Chatham Street is now a Persian restaurant.