Jason Viau

Jason Viau is a video journalist, TV host and radio newsreader at CBC Windsor. He was born in North Bay, but has lived in Windsor for most of his life. Since graduating from St. Clair College, he's worked in print, TV and radio. Email him at jason.viau@cbc.ca

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Windsor restaurant first to sign up to be trans-friendly

One of Windsor's oldest restaurants is taking steps to become the first trans-friendly and inclusive business.

'Irresponsible behaviour' by Windsor police leads to eviction of CBD Emporium

The owner of CBD Emporium in downtown Windsor claims he was evicted because Windsor police passed along "untrue" statements to his landlord, and acted in a "cavalier" manner.

Windsor police among forces with highest number of human rights complaints in Ontario

The Windsor Police Service has more internal human rights complaints about reprisals and sex per capita than any other municipal law enforcement service in Ontario.

Unifor plans to meet with FCA execs about Windsor plant's future

In an attempt to save 1,500 jobs and to get a new vehicle inside the Chrysler assembly plant in Windsor, Unifor is requesting a meeting with top company executives in Michigan.

Auto-focused companies diversify to 'keep people working'

From automotive machinery, to equipment that handle tomatoes and even brownies — some local companies are forcing themselves to diversify to help ensure their survival should the auto industry ever go south.

Preventing Windsor from becoming a 'depressed area,' expert urges diversification

Windsor is "caught asleep at the wheel" when it comes to its complacency in the automotive industry, and a retired local business professor says there's a lack of drive to further diversify the economy.

Windsor's 'sober bar' plans addiction support group, expansion to London

The Spiritual Soldiers Coffee Compound is now looking to expand. It's a dual-pronged approach owners hope to roll out next year — a new addictions day program in Windsor, and expanding the "sober bar" concept to London.

Community comes together to upgrade home of Ontario teen impaled by golf club

For the first time since Madison Arseneault's skull became impaled by a sawed-off golf club during gym class, the partially paralyzed teen has a bedroom she can actually access.

'Unfair' immigration process stifles Windsor family's attempt to help relatives in Lebanon

Forced to flee bombings and terrorists in the Middle East, a refugee who's now in Lebanon has been waiting for years to see if he can come to Canada. His family in Windsor, Ont. calls the immigration process they're going through unfair and stressful.

'It's like a sober bar': Windsor coffee shop that gives former addicts safe spot an inspiration for U.S. mom

Distraught by watching her son nearly die of a drug overdose, a Pennsylvania mother and her husband drove seven hours to Windsor, Ont., to meet the former addicts who now run a "sober bar."

'It broke my heart': Windsor research student helps kids in India go to school

While in India researching ways to improve the country's "awful" water conditions, University of Windsor student Dylan Verburg also ended up sending some impoverished children to school who wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity.

Pot gifting, black market to 'thrive' as Michigan legalizes cannabis

Cannabis is now legal in Michigan, but with nowhere to buy recreational marijuana, experts suggest 'pot gifting' and the black market will flourish until regulators put dispensary rules in place.

Inaugural council meeting in Essex turns controversial over alleged voter fraud

Most inaugural council meetings are filled with congratulations and thanks, but in Essex the conversation quickly turned into allegations of voter fraud in the most recent election.

Young father, passionate culinary student dies of apparent drug overdose

As Windsor continues to grapple with a drug crisis, one of the latest suspected overdose deaths is a 30-year-old father who was training to become a professional chef.

Drug death prompts advocate to meet users anywhere so they don't overdose alone

Brandon Bailey's good friend died of an apparent drug overdose on Sunday, and that prompted him to take prevention into his own hands.