Jason Viau

Jason Viau is a video journalist, TV host and radio newsreader at CBC Windsor. He was born in North Bay, but has lived in Windsor for most of his life. Since graduating from St. Clair College, he's worked in print, TV and radio. Email him at jason.viau@cbc.ca

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Windsor police explain curious video of officers moving items from cruiser to dumpster

A video showing Windsor police officers taking items from the trunk of their cruiser and tossing them into a dumpster raises questions about what they were doing, and why.

'It scares me:' Adults with disabilities still waiting decades for supportive housing

Parents of adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario are wondering if they'll be around to see the day their children receive government-funded supportive housing as the wait list continues to span decades.

'Broken' Ontario autism program forces family to pay for U.S. treatment

Due to long wait times for an autism diagnosis and subsequent treatment in Ontario, Holly Ralston credits her decision to pay out-of-pocket for treatment in the U.S. for her son's quality of life.

'I was told to keep hiding': Arab trans community starts support group to fill gap

As a Lebanese-Canadian, who came out as a transgender woman, Nona Abdallah said losing contact with her parents, and a sense of community because of that decision, has been difficult. That's what prompted her to help start a peer support group for Arab, Middle Eastern and North African youth.

DWBIA stops pursuing 'counterproductive' issue into controversial city decision

New board members of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA) are going in a different direction, and have decided not to "rehash" city council's decision to remove retail spaces from the Pelissier parking garage.

Cats getting fatter a good sign, Windsor-Essex humane society says

The next time you see your fat cat waltzing around the house, and their flabby belly swaying from side to side, it can be interpreted as a good thing. Not from a health perspective, but from a humane point of view.

It's not an oil spill, just clumps of dead fish flies floating in the Detroit River

The reddish brown clumps being carried by the current are actually dead piles of fish flies. That might make you cringe, but it's actually a good sign.

'First real piece' of $3.8B Gordie Howe bridge revealed, marked as major milestone

The first real piece of the $3.8-billion Gordie Howe International Bridge between Windsor and Michigan has popped off the page and come to life.

City program reduces vacant buildings, councillor wants quicker results

There are fewer vacant buildings being left to rot in neighbourhoods across the city thanks to a pilot project designed to tackle the issue, but one councillor is looking for ways to get quicker results.

Legal battle resolves conflict in Sikh community, access to Gurdwara

A legal battle over obtaining membership at a Sikh place of worship has been resolved after 10 years before the courts.

Fear, harsh words, violence: All things trans people endure in the service industry

Working in the service industry as a transgender person isn't easy. Some people say they still fear for their safety when customers walk through the door and are forced to endure verbal abuse behind the counter.

Windsor restaurant first to sign up to be trans-friendly

One of Windsor's oldest restaurants is taking steps to become the first trans-friendly and inclusive business.

'Irresponsible behaviour' by Windsor police leads to eviction of CBD Emporium

The owner of CBD Emporium in downtown Windsor claims he was evicted because Windsor police passed along "untrue" statements to his landlord, and acted in a "cavalier" manner.

Windsor police among forces with highest number of human rights complaints in Ontario

The Windsor Police Service has more internal human rights complaints about reprisals and sex per capita than any other municipal law enforcement service in Ontario.

Unifor plans to meet with FCA execs about Windsor plant's future

In an attempt to save 1,500 jobs and to get a new vehicle inside the Chrysler assembly plant in Windsor, Unifor is requesting a meeting with top company executives in Michigan.