'It's like a winter wonderland': Snow storm hits Windsor

A low pressure system in the area is bringing about 15 cm of snow to the region.

Environment Canada says the snow will slow down by midnight

Kids play in the snow at Willistead Park on Dec. 13, 2017. (Meg Roberts/ CBC News )

A low pressure system will drop up to 15 cm of snow on Windsor-Essex Wednesday, covering the region in a thick white blanket. For some, the weather comes as a breath of fresh air but for others it's more of a burden.

A snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada didn't stop Judy Ehrke from spending the day by the riverfront some family members visiting from Germany.

"It is like a winter wonderland, it is beautiful, a little cold but good," she said, as snowflakes flew across her face. "It is part of being Canadian, right?"

The snow isn't bothering John Ondracka who has driven his electric motorbike in the winter for the past six years. Today was like no other, he was stopping at Tim Hortons and visiting friends.

"I love it … spun around a few times, had some fun, it's like a snowmobile on wheels," he said.

John Ondracka has used his electric bike to get around in the winter for the past six years. (Meg Roberts/ CBC News )

Dressed in a neon winter jacket, he admitted his commute can get cold.

"When you're in one spot, you're fine. When you're moving, that's when the wind hits you," he explained.

Randy Bennett hustled down Ouellette Street trying to get out of the cold, but took a moment to thank the woman shovelling the sidewalk in front of Bull and Barrel for her efforts.

"It sucks … If I win the lottery, I would move not to California, maybe Florida," he said.

Snowplows littered the city Wednesday afternoon, cleaning off snowy roads. (Meg Roberts/ CBC News )

With so much snow falling, chiropractors are already seeing an uptick in the number of people coming in with snow-related injuries.

The most common injuries come from shovelling snow and slipping on the ice, according to Dr. Joe Foglia, a chiropractor at Chiroworks in Lakeshore.

"Even in the last couple days we have seen a few, probably each of the practitioners in the clinic will see two or three new ones a day, so it does increase quite a bit," he added.

An employee at Bull and Barrel shovels the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Foglia recommends taking lots of breaks and not pushing your body through pain. He said it's best to shovel a little bit of snow more frequently, instead of shoveling a large load.

The chiropractor also advises people try not to twist or torque their lower back and push the snow as opposed to lifting or throwing it.

Environment Canada says the snow should slow down by midnight. 

A single evergreen stands in the middle of the median on Victoria Ave., decorated with Christmas bulbs.