2018 International Plowing Match comes in under budget

A report to Chatham-Kent council says there's no doubt the International Plowing Match was a "resounding success."

More than 77,000 people visited the IPM in September

A report to Chatham-Kent council breaks down the actual costs of each department. (International Plowing Match & Rural Expo Chatham-Kent)

A report to Chatham-Kent council calls the 2018 International Plowing Match in Pain Court, Ont. a "resounding success."

The post-event summary is the seventh and final update presented to council Monday night and includes recommendations for future events in Chatham-Kent, as well as recommendations for future IPM planners.

By the numbers

  • Visitors: 77,808.
  • Municipal Showcase Tent visitors: 24,740.
  • $34,750 of sponsorship dollars provided to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.
  • 200 employees involved in planning and preparation for the IPM.

The Municipal Showcase Tent was budgeted to cost $200,000 but only came in at $180,000. The tent also leaves a number of items leftover for the municipality to use in the future, including the iron "CK" letters. 

According to the report, one tent vendor said "we can say without a doubt we have exceeded our goals and expectations."

Chatham-Kent International Plowing Match aimed to set numerous world records at the event. (Submitted by Simon Crouch)

The budget for the Chatham-Kent Police Service was estimated at $43,927, but the actual number came in at $39,793. Police responded to 28 calls during the five days of the IPM. Ten of those calls were for calls for finding people.

The report recommends a defined procedure be established for lost and found people for future events.

Fire prevention and suppression and medical response came in $7,000 over budget, but that amount was then donated in-kind. 

Fire services responded to 10 calls during the five days, as well as multiple assists to EMS for high heat patient triage. 

Utilities came in far under budget at just $29,022. More than $53,000 had been budgeted, including money to provide drinking water for the event. 

Tourist information collected

Team members of the community attractions department surveyed visitors on tablets.

  • 49 per cent of respondents were from outside Chatham-Kent.
  • 85 per cent of respondents attended only the IPM.
  • 54 per cent of respondents spent more than $100. 
  • 20 per cent of respondents required accommodations.

The overall economic impact of the event is estimated to be at least $3 million. According to the report, the Ontario Plowman's Association may produce a higher number with additional data that is available to the organization.


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