Indian Road blaze intentionally set, Windsor fire says

Windsor fire is reporting a blaze on Indian Road was intentionally set.
Emergency crews respond to a fire at a vacant Indian Road home. (Alexander Brockman/CBC)

The blaze at a house on Indian Road Monday evening was intentionally set, Windsor Fire and Rescue reports.

It's been determined the fire started in the basement. Both the gas and electricity lines were turned off in the vacant building, deputy fire chief Andrea DeJong said in an interview with CBC News.   

"I just saw a mist of smoke on the street and a bunch of fire trucks on the street," said Humphrey Joel, one of the few people living in the neighbourhood. "I could see it from down the street."

"I'm thinking it has something to do with the abandoned houses. It hasn't spread to the houses that are in use," Humphry said. "I'm not worried yet, unless it spreads to houses with people in it. That's when I'll really start to worry."

Last October, Coun. John Elliott called for the boarded up homes to be demolished, calling them a public safety hazard.

"We understand that their job is to fight fires, but when you have that many abandoned houses just sitting there potentially waiting for something bad to happen, it's health and safety, and that's why I keep pushing," he said in a previous interview with CBC News.

The residence is in a neighbourhood near the Ambassador Bridge, where some 115 houses have been boarded up for years. Many are owned by the company that owns the Ambassador Bridge.  

Firefighters reported removing plywood from the building to get at the fire.

Small flare ups continued for more than an hour after crews arrived on scene at 5 p.m.