'Pure nightmare,' Windsorite living in Florida locates friend lost in hurricane

Philip Shelley was on a boat when the Hurricane Michael touched down. A Windsor woman who now lives in Florida was desperate to find him.

Former Windsorite who lives in Florida finally got in touch with a friend after the hurricane hit

Philip Shelley is a British man who went to Florida in April. His friend Donna Kauric says he has never experienced a hurricane. (Submitted by Donna Kauric)

When Hurricane Michael touched down, Philip Shelley was on his boat in one of the rivers near the Port St. Joe Marina in Florida.

He's a 62-year-old British man who followed a group of fisherman to a protected area to ride out the storm, which turned out to be a bad idea.

"One of the fisherman's boats had a huge tree pretty much go through it," said Donna Kauric, Shelley's friend. She moved from Windsor to Florida several years ago and befriended Shelley there.

She was the one to file a missing person's report for the coast guards to start searching after she lost contact with him.

"It's been 36 hours of pure nightmare trying to locate him."

And Shelley has been found. The good news is, he's not only unscathed by the storm, he's "not even fazed by it," said Kauric.

But she and his kids haven't been so calm.

"His kids are like, can you please remind my dad that he's in his 60s and he's not Indiana Jones?"

Donna Kauric filed a missing person's report and was finally about to locate her friend who had been riding out the storm on a boat. 4:53

Due to cell service being down and a barely functional wifi on his boat, Kauric hasn't been able to keep in consistent contact with him. 

In the few messages Kauric has received, Shelley said he had sailed to White City the day after the storm and picked up his car. He's going to wait until he can get cell service and drive out for gas and supplies before moving.

As for Kauric herself, she was prepping her beach home in Destin and was planning to vacate. However, officials wouldn't let anybody cross the bridge to get out because "it's a hazard."

The hurricane did not hit her area, but she said other places were hit hard.

"This is by far the worst I've ever seen."