Hundreds attend rally for PC Leader Doug Ford in Windsor

Speaking to supporters at the Fogolar Furlan, Ford said the party will "take back the province," by reducing hydro rates by 12 per cent and helping small businesses thrive.

Ford continued to promise a 12 per cent reduction of hydro rates

PC Leader Doug Ford was in Windsor just days after the party publicized their campaign platform. It does not include a fiscal outlook or any details of how the PCs would pay for their promises. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

Ontario's Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford celebrated what he called an "all-star" lineup of candidates at a rally in Windsor on Thursday.

Speaking to supporters at the Fogolar Furlan in Windsor, Ford said the party will "take back the province," by reducing hydro rates by 12 per cent and helping small businesses thrive.

A spokesperson for the party said around 500 people attended the rally.

Ford addressed U.S. president Donald Trump's tacking of heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum.

"We will fight and we will make sure we are the most competitive region in North America," he said.

"We'll go down to the border and put that big sign up I've been talking about and tell our neighbours to the south, 'Ontario is open for business.'"

Ford also went on the offensive against the opposing parties — promising a booming economy and zero job loss under Tory leadership.

"[The Liberals and NDP] see our great team of 123 all-stars ... On June 7, we will send Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals packing. We have seen how our province has been destroyed with the highest sub-national debt in the entire world."

But he saved his harshest words for the NDP, saying they are "ten times worse" than the Liberals.

"I'm sure you remember the Rae days. 1.2 million people went on welfare. We had the highest taxes in North America. Unemployment shot up 28 per cent," he said. "We will not make that mistake. We will blaze a trail of prosperity and growth."

Essex PC candidate Chris Lewis stands alongside Doug Ford during a rally in Windsor on Thursday. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

'The plan is here now'

After months of promising to release a fully costed campaign platform, the Progressive Conservatives published an online list of promises Thursday that doesn't include a detailed fiscal plan.

But that hasn't bothered Essex PC candidate Chris Lewis. He said it's been easy trying to communicate the party's platform before its public release.

"What [the voters] are saying is, 'We're tired. We desperately want change. And we know that Doug Ford is the right change,'" he said. "They're really not that concerned about the platform. He's been promising that platform all along and it's here now."

Lewis added an appearance by the party leader is "instrumental" for Windsor and Essex County.

"It tells me, Ontario no longer ends in London. We now have a Premier that realizes that Essex County and Windsor is on the map."