Hero dog saves owner from Windsor house fire

A Windsor dog is being praised as a hero after alerting her owner of a house fire Wednesday morning.

Not woman's first house fire, damage estimated at $150,000

Hero Dog Saves Owner From Fire

7 years ago
A Windsor dog is being called a hero after alerting her owner of a house fire Wednesday morning. 2:14

A Windsor dog is being called a hero after alerting her owner of a house fire Wednesday morning.

The owner was able to escape the blaze to safety after Mystique and a fire alarm woke her up. 

"I was fast asleep and Mystique started hearing the alarm and started going crazy, just scratching at me, pulling at me, barking, jumping around, just really nervous," said Lorie Ledoux.

Ledoux told Mystique to stop and that's when she heard the smoke alarms going off.

"I got up right way and felt the door and it was not hot, so I opened it, and as soon as I opened the door, smoke and flames started to come towards the door, so I shut the door quickly."

That's when Ledoux opened the window, kicked out the screen, and threw her other dog outside, she did the same with Mystique, but when she attempted to get out herself she got stuck. 

"The window closed down on me," she said. "I just couldn't go no where, and I'm calling 911 and asking them to hurry up my house is on fire, and I'm stuck in the window." 

Firefighters then went into the home at 1633 Olive Rd. and rescued a woman through a bedroom window. 

Windsor Fire and Rescue said the flames started on the main floor living room, on or around the sofa. 

Ledoux said she has no idea what could have started the fire, mentioning she's not a smoker. 

"I'm glad to be alive," said Ledoux. "I'm upset, I've lost everything."

This is not the first house fire she's been though, Ledoux lost all her possessions four years ago in another house fire. 

The 39-year-old has had a few tough years, with her parents passing away after that, then being diagnosed with cancer eight months after that. 

"I'm a happy-go-lucky person, I'm always laughing," said Ledoux. "No matter what you couldn't break my spirits, but if this keeps happening my spirits are starting to break. It's hard. Being a single mom, with three kids, it's not easy." 

Two of Ledoux's daughters lived with her in the house that was ruined by the fire. 

Red Cross is putting Ledoux in a motel for two days, "and after that I don't know," she said. 

In terms of the dog's efforts in the fire, Ledoux said they are "heroes."

"I've loved them no matter what, but today I love them even more," she said.  

Damage from the fire is estimated at about $150,000. 


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