Here's where you can expect new bike lanes in Windsor this summer

Paint has hit asphalt on Pillette Road in Windsor, the first on a list of bike lanes expected to come to Windsor over the summer months.

There are new bike lanes or paved shoulders coming to roads across Windsor this summer

Crews get the road ready for a new bike lane on Pillette Road. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

Paint has hit the asphalt on Pillette Road in Windsor, the first on a list of bike lanes expected to come to Windsor over the summer months. 

The bike lanes on Pillette Road run along a two lane road from South National Street to Tecumseh Road East and push parking to the west side of the street.

People living on Pillette had complaints about the project but the City of Windsor's executive director of operations said they're moving ahead with the plans. 

"It shouldn't come as any surprise to the residents but I'm sure that we'll probably field some calls once the new lanes are painted on the roads this week," said Dwayne Dawson. 

Safe for commuters

People living on the street had concerns about the safety of cyclists, but Dawson said the additional markings should be helpful for commuting on two or four wheels.

A truck rolls down Pillette Road as a crew of workers prepare the stretch for a new bike lane. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

"The bicycle lanes will be well marked and laid out on the road," said Dawson.

"That should provide a visual queue where the cyclists are expected to be and where the traffic is expected to travel as well."

What's next 

Dawson said there are plans for more bike lanes or paved shoulders to be added to Windsor streets this summer. 

Those projects include Seminole Street from Pillette Road to Walker Road, South Cameron Boulevard, Malden Road to the E.C. Row Expressway, and another phase on North Service Road from Conservation Drive to Walker Road.