Hate mail sent to Jewish community centre, police investigating

Executive director at the Windsor Jewish Community Centre, said he's noticing more anti-Semitism across the country in recent months.

Centre's executive director says Jewish people feel safe in Windsor

Police are investigating a piece of hate mail sent to the Windsor Jewish Community Centre last week. (Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center/Twitter)

Police are investigating an alleged incident of hate mail being sent to the Windsor Jewish Community Centre last week.

The photocopied letter calling for the expulsion of Jews was sent through Canada Post.

"This hate mail is clearly intended to spark fear in the Jewish community by promoting hate and violence in a very disturbing way," said Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre president Avi Benlolo.

He added the centre has observed an increase in anit-Semitism across the country in recent months.

"It's actually bad all over the place. We've seen an increase in white supremacist movement especially in Ontario, but also in places like British Columbia, various parts of the prairies and event in Quebec."

Jay Katz, executive director at the centre in Windsor, said it's the first time the centre has received hate mail like this in the three years he has worked there.

"We all feel very safe living in Windsor and happy to be here but it is none the less disquieting when you receive a piece of hate mail," he explained.

Sgt. Steve Betteridge confirmed the centre has filed a report on the mail and an investigation is ongoing.