Donated thermometers to help Windsor police keep pets out of hot cars

Windsor business owner and philatropist, Jim Scott, along with Second Chance Animal Rescue donated 10 infrared thermometers to Windsor police. The tools take the internal temperature of a car.

Jim Scott, business and rescued pet owner, donated the tools

Windsor police Const. Andy Drouillard uses the infrared thermometer to see how hot this car was after being parked outside for 45 minutes. The thermometer reads 48.7 C. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)

While at their vacation home in Mexico, Jim Scott and his wife made a tragic discovery — someone had thrown a small puppy in a plastic bag, tossing it into a dumpster near their home. 

Scott, a Windsor philanthropist and president of Ground Effects, decided to nurse the puppy back to health and find him a good home. 

"It ended up being our home," he laughed. "He's the best dog I've ever had."

It might have been Scott's love for his dog, Jax, which prompted the businessman to make a unique donation to Windsor police.

President of Ground Effects Ltd., Jim Scott, shows off his dog Jax. Scott and his wife rescued their pet after someone left it in a dumpster. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)

Ground Effects and Second Chance Animal Rescue gave ten infrared thermometers to the police Thursday. The tools can be used to detect the internal temperature of a car. 

"Even over the past two weeks we have had several calls and summer is just around the corner," Const. Andy Drouillard said. "We have people in the community who are concerned, we're concerned, about the well being of our pets."

This puppy had a special treat. It's also available for adoption at Second Chance Animal Rescue. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)

If you're planning on running an errand, it's best to leave your pet at home, Drouillard said. The police are hoping these new tools will help inform the public about just how dangerous hot cars can be in a short amount of time.

"Within 10 minutes, [it can reach] 39 degrees Celsius inside that vehicle and within 30 minutes, it can reach 49 degrees Celsius," said Drouillard. "Over that quick time span, that errand that takes a bit longer could be fatal."

WATCH: Const. Andy Drouillard demonstrates the infrared thermometer:

"To see a dog that's been abused ... then to even think that dog could end up in a car with windows and doors shut just makes your crazy," Scott said, pointing to a small puppy who is looking for a good home.

That dog, named Buttons, was rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue after being badly abused. The organization had approached Scott about the thermometer donation. 

Cherie Smith held Buttons tightly while they visited Ground Effects for the announcement.

"She takes a while to warm up to you," said Smith.

Cherie Smith, president of Second Chance Animal Rescue holds onto Buttons, a dog who was badly abused. Smith approached Scott about the donation of thermometers. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)

"They work tirelessly," said Scott, of the staff at Second Chance. 

He was also thinking of Jax's well-being.

"Our pooch we rescued from Mexico loves the heat, but certainly he can't survive in a hot car," said Scott. "He loves to travel with me, he loves to be in the vehicle and if I have to run errands he can't come with me — he's mad but he'll get over it I want him to survive."

Scott shows off a picture of his dog Jax, who is pictured with a family friend. Scott said his dog has many 'adoptive parents' when he is away travelling. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)


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