'Born out of need': New Gordie Howe bridge online tool tracks project's latest updates

The Gordie Howe International Bridge Work Timeline Tool launched today, and it's designed to help members of the community — from students to job seekers — track the latest information related to the bridge and find employment opportunities.

The tool's timetime currently spans 2015 to 2019

Justin Falconer, the Senior Director of Workforce WindsorEssex, says the tool is designed to help everyone from students to job seekers. (Tahmina Aziz/CBC)

A new online tool will allow members of the community to track the latest information about the Gordie Howe International Bridge project, while also learning more about employment opportunities.

The 'Gordie Howe International Bridge Work Timeline Tool' was announced by Workforce WindsorEssex Thursday at the Sandwich Community Office.

"It was born out of need," said Justin Falconer, senior director of Workforce WindsorEssex.

"Three years ago, we tried to find out all this information and couldn't find it anywhere. So we thought, 'let's keep track of this. Let's put this on our website. Let's make it easy to discover.'"

Justin Falconer scrolling through the bridge timeline tool which launched today. (Tahmina Aziz/CBC)

He said his company has been working on the tool for months, adding that it's a "one-stop shop where you can get labour market information related to the bridge."

The tool itself is interactive and allows users to manipulate a floating timeline that tracks a historical record of employment opportunities and activities related to the project.

Real-time information

"It's real-time information about what's happening on the progress of the bridge. So, you know what's happening today," said Falconer.

He added he's always looking to improve the website's features and welcomes public feedback.

Workforce WindsorEssex's Gordie Howe International Bridge Work Timeline Tool allows users to track the project's progression and employment history. (Workforce WindsorEssex)

"What this tool represents is hopefully the beginning of what a lot of other communities do to track employment and other key milestones related to the construction of major projects," said Falconer. "In our case, it's a bridge, but in other communities, it could be a hospital, a major highway."

Bridging North America estimates that 2,500 jobs will be created from the development of the bridge.


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