Ghost hunting on Texas Road could find you some real-world trouble this Halloween

On the outskirts of Windsor, near the boundary of Amherstburg, there is a road rooted in legend. Texas Road is said to be haunted and over the course of generations, the ghostly tales have gotten more ghastly.

Amherstburg police urge people not to trespass on the privately-owned property

CBC report on Texas Road in 1984

6 years ago
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Featured VideoCBC takes you on a tour of Texas Road in 1984.

On the outskirts of Windsor near the boundary of Amherstburg there is a road rooted in legend.

Texas Road is said to be haunted and over the course of generations, the ghostly tales have gotten more ghastly. 

Many motorists have claimed to see a mysterious figure in a shroud walking along side of the road, only to vanish as their car gets closer.

Some believe employees of the old train company who worked on the lines last century haunt the area, while others swear a headless horseman roams the wooded area near the cemetery along the trees at Walker Road.

"Stories go back to colonial periods when the road was first started to be built," said Rob Tymec, founder of the Sandwich and Amherstburg Ghost Walks. "From shadowy figures on the side of the road to mysterious lights that appear in the forest area — if you are from Windsor-Essex you know or at least heard about the legends."

Amherstburg's Texas Road is a place of urban legend. But police encourage people not go out there, as you could be trespassing on private property and could face a fine. (Arms Bumanlag/CBC)

The 11-kilometre stretch of road has long been a source of urban legends, from the 'Headless Horseman', the 'Headless Woman', to the 'Morencie Family Ghost' and reports of people seeing hooded figures heading into the graveyard.

"Many stories seem to come from people coming down here in the 1970s and 60s looking for something, some claiming to see headless ghosts, or hear and see lights and sounds they can't explain," said Tymec. 

But those hunting for ghouls also can find themselves in some real-world trouble as many of those stories link to the privately-owned cemetery on Walker Road. 

"People have to remember all of this is private property," said Tymec.

Rob Tymec is the founder of the Sandwich and Amherstburg Ghost Walks, but says people have to remember the cemetery is private property.

Dennis Sanson is the president of Sanson Estate Winery located directly across from the cemetery.

"In the 20 years we've had the property there are unfortunately three things that happen on a continuous basis," he said. "Disrespect, trespassing and inappropriate behaviours."

Police increase patrols on Halloween

Sanson is disappointed by how people treat the area and said that he helps watch over the cemetery.

"At Devils Night and Halloween you get groups of people who want to explore the area, here at Concession 8 and Texas Road," said Amherstburg police Const. Shawn McCurdy. "The Amherstburg police encourage people not go out there, the road has been blocked off for a number of years, it's not safe."

McCurdy added police increase the number of patrols in that area on Devil's Night and Halloween as well as throughout the rest of Amherstburg.

This year, Tymec said he hopes restless spirits will be the only ones haunting the graveyard. 

"As much as the allure of the unknown and paranormal can draw people into this, It's a private ground."