Grappling with high gas prices in Windsor

There's sticker shock at the gas pumps. Prices rose sharply overnight Thursday and are expected to leap again in the next 24 hours.

Residents react to the latest surge in the cost to fill up

Windsorites feeling the pinch at the pumps

5 months ago
Duration 1:27
CBC Windsor checked in with some drivers following the recent surge in gas prices. Mia Daloisio, Andrew Manchester, Diane Benkendorf, Paul Pecoraro, Mary Muzzin, Dan Chevalier shared their thoughts with us.

Gas prices have been on the upswing for quite some time, but drivers are getting even more sticker shock at the pumps this week.

Prices rose sharply overnight Thursday — by more than 10 cents at one location in Windsor  — and are expected to leap again in the next 24 hours.

According to, the cost of regular gasoline is above $1.60 at all but one of the Windsor stations the company tracks.

Here in Windsor, the pain at the pumps has some motorists considering changes. 

Andrew Manchester said he's being mindful of his gas use.

"Those small road trips on the weekend and stuff, we're giving second thoughts to those now," he told CBC News outside a gas station on Thursday.

Mary Muzzin, who also got gas on Thursday, feels the impact of the price increase, as she and her husband are on a fixed income.

"It does affect us but you just to do the best you can, right? Save everywhere else," she said.

The president of Canadians for Affordable Energy recently told CBC News the price is where it's at for three reasons: the war in Ukraine, global supply issues and the weak Canadian dollar.


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