Front yard parking in Windsor will be ticketed in February

Parking Enforcement will begin ticketing vehicles parked on front lawns starting in February.

People who violate the bylaw will face a $25 ticket

Parking in the front yard will cost Windsor residents a $25 fine starting next month.

City council passed a motion banning vehicle parking on lawns in December, and tickets will be handed out starting February 1.

The bylaw will help protect city property and also increase the aesthetic value of neighbourhoods, said Bill Kralovensky, supervisor of compliance and enforcement for the City of Windsor.

"It also becomes a safety issue," he said. "You've got six cars parked on the front lawn and emergency services have to climb over cars to get into the house to save somebody? God forbid that happen."

The city's supervisor of parking enforcement, Bill Kravolensky. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

Enforcing the bylaw had previously been left to the building department which could only lay charges on vehicle owners in person. That wasn't very effective because finding the actual owner of a car could be difficult, explained Kralovensky.

Now, staff have the ability to directly ticket any vehicle found in a yard, he added.

"Anything that has wheels on it and moves by a motor classifies as a vehicle, plus a trailer parked with a boat or camping trailer," Kralovensky said.

Before tickets are handed out, there will be a short warning period where staff will start on the west-end and work their way across the city handing out warnings.

But Kralovensky warned workers will be recording addresses where vehicles are on the lawn and if they're still there when staff visit again, they'll be ticketed.