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From Dubai to Windsor: Bread Meats Bread serves up sandwiches inspired by five-star dining

At Bread Meats Bread, Chef David Prantera uses cooking techniques honed in high-end Dubai hotels to craft gourmet sandwiches in the heart of Windsor.

CBC Windsor's Jonathan Pinto digs into Chef David Prantera's gourmet selections

Chef David Prantera makes The Italian Job, the signature sandwich at Bread Meats Bread in Windsor, Ont. 2:06

From the constantly changing, minimal menu to cooking techniques honed in high-end Dubai hotels, Bread Meats Bread isn't your typical sandwich shop.

The Chatham Street restaurant is the brainchild of Chef David Prantera, who takes international inspiration to craft gourmet sandwiches in the heart of Windsor.

The Italian Job is Bread Meats Bread's signature sandwich, featuring porchetta, crackling and lemon gremolata. Every sandwich is also served with a house-made hot sauce. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

A graduate of St. Clair College, Prantera started his formal culinary career at Casino Windsor (now Caesars Windsor), where he worked for 12 years. After a stint at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Prantera decided to do something drastic.

"I always came in contact with chefs that worked in Hong Kong, or who were from the U.K. and travelled all over, and they're always saying to be a good chef, to be well-rounded, you gotta work overseas," Prantera explained.

In 2009, he packed up his young family and moved to the Middle East.

This PolyScience immersion circulator allows David to use the sous vide method, a culinary technique that cooks food at precise temperatures. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

For the next six years, Prantera worked at high end hotels in Bahrain and Dubai, eventually becoming an executive chef of a boutique villa property.

"Everything was high profile," he said. "We were doing functions for Cartier, Polo Ralph Lauren, a couple other brands, Rolex."

However, being a 14 hour flight away from loved ones in Windsor eventually wore on Prantera and his family and in 2015, they decided to move back home.

The Lucky Leprechaun is a recent seasonal sandwich, featuring house corned beef, pickled napa cabbage and mustard. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

While they settled in, Prantera returned to work at Caesars Windsor. But part of the plan of returning to the city was always that he would open his own place.

In December 2016, Prantera finally realized his dream, opening Bread Meats Bread, which was inspired by the chef's love of sandwiches.

"For some reason, I always put everything in a sandwich when I eat myself," he said. "Anything I have I put between two pieces of bread."

Bread Meats Bread's menu is small and always changing. The only constants are the signature Italian Job sandwich and various sides made with house-made gnocchi. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

The concept is simple — there's a signature pork sandwich known as The Italian Job and three sandwiches that change every two months.

Small plates and salads are also on offer, as are increasingly radical interpretations of Prantera's house-made potato and ricotta gnocchi.

"My wife said, 'you make great gnocchi, you should put it on the menu.' This is before we even opened," Prantera explained, adding he was resistant due to the time and labour involved.

Bread Meats Bread serves gnocchi in a number of nontraditional ways, such as gnocchi and cheese, gnocchi poutine - and even gnocchi ramen. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

"I ended up doing it, and that's what we're kind of known for, so I have to give her the credit."

What started as a simple gnocchi and cheese, a take on the classic macaroni and cheese, has evolved into dishes such as gnocchi poutine — and even gnocchi ramen.

Bread Meats Bread is located at 33 Chatham St. E. in Windsor.

Jonathan told us about Bread Meats Bread, a downtown Windsor sandwich shop selling fine dining ingredients and techniques at casual restaurant prices. 7:26

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