Saucy Canadians flex their wit on social media in ketchup war

Movie references, headlines puns and outright witty banter erupted on social media in the frenzy created by Loblaws dropping French's ketchup from its shelves, a decision it reversed after online backlash.
Canadian consumers turned to social media with plenty of television references to express frustrations with Loblaws grocery store. (Screen Grab/Fox)

Canadians created a social media frenzy when news broke that French's ketchup, made from tomatoes grown in Leamington, Ont., was dropped from Loblaws grocery stores.

Not only did consumers deliver a punishing wave of criticisms that forced Loblaws to reverse its decision, within about a day, but they also gave the world a taste of some saucy humour.

The temptation to squeeze out a tasteful pun was just too much for condiment lovers. Many ketchup consumers had plenty of oozy word play to spread around. 

Other companies poked fun at the ketchup wars. Harris Heating and Air Conditioning Services Inc. served up free bottles of French's ketchup as an incentive to buying a furnace and air conditioning system. Better hurry, the offer ends soon!

Canadian consumers turned to social media with witty banter to express frustrations with Loblaws grocery store. (Harris Heating and Air Conditioning Services/Facebook)

Officials from Loblaws quickly realized they smeared a little ketchup on their face with its decision to dump French's, but nothing illustrated the debacle like Nicole MacAdam's giff.

Patriotic condiment fans also turned to television shows and movies to express their opinions on the ketchup war.

Of course, kudos is in order for one consumer who, early on, correctly predicted Loblaws would eventually backtrack on its decision.


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