Windsor Engine idled due to fire in Michigan

Ford plants that produce trucks are idled so engine plants in Windsor are affected.

Annex not affected

Ford truck plants in the U.S. are idled due to a fire at a parts supplier in Michigan. (Ford)

A fire at a Ford parts supplier in Michigan has resulted in more shutdowns in Windsor, Ont..

Now, the Windsor Engine plant has been affected, shutting down the facility until next Wednesday.

The fire at the Meridian Magnesium plant in Eaton Rapids, Michigan has idled production of the F-Series trucks, which the Windsor Engine Plant and the Essex Engine Plant build engines for.

Day and afternoon shifts at Essex Engine will report for work Wednesday but the midnight shift will be off. 
Thursday the day and afternoon shifts will be off but the midnight shift will report in.

All Ford workers will be off for the Victoria Day holiday beginning Friday. Essex Engine will be back in operation next Tuesday.

The Annex has not been affected. The union says Meridian is trying to shift production to other plants. CBC News is trying to confirm the progress of the move.

Dale Molnar