New sailing-themed shop in Ford City joins revitalization effort

Ford City BIA hopes interesting businesses targeting a different kind of crowd will continue to pop up in the community.

Michael Weber loves to sail and he's bringing that love into his new coffee shop

Ford City is welcoming a new cafe-retail store, one of the latest additions to the revitalization of the community. 3:10

A world traveler has picked not downtown Windsor, not Walkerville, but Ford City as the location of his new sailing-themed café retail shop.

Mike Weber has joined a community of people who believe in the possibilities of the area. In his new café called Pressure Drop, he's adding in touches inspired by his love of sailing.

"Between May 1 and October, we spend the whole summer on the lake here," said Weber.

He and his partner Marina Maffessanti were able to secure funding for renovating the space via the Ford City Community Improvement Plan.

Marina Maffessanti, left, and Michael Weber are the owners of Pressure Drop, a café-retail shop in Ford City, located on Drouillard Road. (Armand Bumanlag/CBC)

According to Shane Potvin, chair of the Ford City Business Improvement Association, there are shops opening in the community similar to those on Queen Street in Toronto.

"It's just pushing forward, keep opening things that are different, that draw a different crowd," said Potvin.

Pressure Drop is an example of that. It sells coffee, beer, wine, snacks and apparel.

Maffessanti thinks there are lots of opportunities for the block of Drouillard Road the shop is located on to become a great commercial strip.

"I don't think there's many places in Windsor where you see small, commercial storefronts so close together," she said.

In a few years, Weber is hoping to incorporate his sailing into a new business idea, in an even bigger way than the café-retail storefront.

He hopes to bring wind sailing and surfing to Detroit River and Lake Erie — using the Ford City area at Riverside Drive as a launching point.

"It's really easy to be in Ford City and forget that you're anywhere close to a lake," said Weber. "But the reality is, the river is a kilometre away."

With files from Arms Bumanlag


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