Forces' helicopter training in Windsor ends

Nighttime military training over the Windsor, Ont., skyline this week has come to an end.

Nighttime military exercises over Windsor, Ont., this week have come to an end.

And both the Canadian Forces and local residents who came out to watch were pleased with how the manoeuvres went.

On two nights this week, two CH-146 Griffon helicopters with the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command buzzed the top of the downtown Chrysler building in the dark.

Lights on the choppers were turned off, and the pilots wore night-vision goggles as they approached the building from all directions on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Terry Davis Fitzpatrick, whose 21-year-old son is in the military, was among the Windsor residents who gathered for the small air show. She says the training made her feel good about Canada's security.

"It makes me feel very secure and it makes me feel very proud," she said.

Military spokesman Maj. Doug MacNair says Windsor was a good host for the exercises, which the Special Operations Forces Command has conducted in several Canadian cities.

The chopper crews, from 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron at CFB Petawawa,  need practice in night-time urban operations, he said.

McNair also says Windsor residents made few complaints about the noise.

The helicopters were gone by 1 a.m. local time Thursday.