Ward 10 residents get info on city flood plan

More than 100 people packed into a hall at the Fogolar Furlan Club Wednesday night for a Ward 10 meeting.

Flooded basements, traffic congestion, road repair among issues discussed

Mayor Drew Dilkens talks to residents at the Ward 10 meeting last night at the Fogolar Furlan Club. (Dale Molnar/CBC News)

More than 100 people packed into a hall at the Fogolar Furlan Club Wednesday night for a Ward 10 meeting.

Most came to find out about the city's flooding program. Several hands went up when Mayor Drew Dilkens asked "how many of you got flooded?"

Paul Markou, who experienced flooding for the first time since 1967, came to hear about the basement flooding subsidy program and was glad he did.

"I just spoke with someone from engineering and I'm going out of here completely satisfied," said Markou, who hopes to have an inspector come to assess his sump pump and backwater valve for efficiency.

Other concerns were addressed too, such as traffic congestion at Northwood Street and Dominion Boulevard and the progress of the Dougall Avenue tunnel under the CN overpass.

But Ward 10 councillor Paul Borelli also made a plea to the constituents to urge local MP's and MPP's to lobby the federal Liberals to protect people along Huron Church Road. Borelli fears for traffic, pollution and noise from more trucks when the second span of the Ambassador Bridge is completed.

"Basically, make Huron Line safe, clean, pollution free and get those trucks to a certain level where we're not inundated," said Borelli. "Just because we have Gordie Howe [bridge] doesn't mean that those trucks are going to stop."

Borelli said engineering work has been done on roads around the new fire hall on Daytona Avenue so they can be resurfaced. He hopes the money for it will be budgeted next year

Borelli also said parking will soon be banned on Dominion Boulevard near Northwood Street. He said he is working out a plan with Temple Beth El to provide the parking.

Massimo Chiampa lives near there and was happy with the plans.

"I thought is was very informative," said Chiampa. "I went to high school at Holy Names so there's a lot of traffic congestion there."

Borelli also said engineering work has been completed on the Dougall Avenue tunnel and money now just has to be allocated.

But resident Jim Morrison doesn't believe there is enough money in the budget to fulfill all the promises.

"A lot of the residents are frustrated, nothing's happening," said Morrison.

Borelli also told the crowd the rest of North Service Road will be completed next year.

Dale Molnar