Flood Fun: 3 stories from Windsor's Mouth Piece storytelling event

An event at a bar in downtown Windsor gave people a chance to spill their flood stories on Thursday night.

Mouth Piece is a storytelling series that gives people five minutes to tell their best stories

The winner's of Thursday night's mouthpiece even pose for a photo with the organiser of the storytelling event. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

An event at a bar in downtown Windsor gave people a chance to spill their flood stories Thursday night.

Speakers signed up to stand in front of a microphone and share five-minute true tales as part of the latest Mouth Piece storytelling event. 

The theme this time around was flooding, which has twice devastated thousands of Windsor homes in the span of less than a year. Here are three of the stories shared - and a note, they've been edited for time. 

"S*** happens" 


6 years ago
Duration 3:49
Peter shares his flood story and the strange place he met his plumber later that day.

Peter went back to a previous flood at his family cottage on Pelee Island. 

"I'm smelling something really bad," he told the crowd.

What follows is a funny story about the guy who helped fix his plumbing problem and the chance encounter he had with the same man later that day.

A warning - he uses some graphic language to explain the type of sewage water he had to deal with.

"Hoop of fire"


6 years ago
Duration 3:09
Alicia shares her story about her quest for an endometrial abltaion during the Mouthpiece event.

Alicia's story opens with a confession: Her story isn't about flooding water, it's about flooding blood. 

"I have the grossest flood story," she warned the audience before diving into her quest for a endometrial ablation — a procedure that destroys the lining of a uterus to control vaginal bleeding.

Her humorous take ended with applause and an award for being one of night's top three storytellers. 

"We're not going to make it to Toronto"


6 years ago
Duration 3:26
Vanessa takes us through how her family recovered from the recent flood through laughs and tears.

Vanessa opened the night with laughter and tears as she explained what the Windsor flood in late August did to her family. 

"That I think for me was the toughest part of the whole thing," she said. "Just the sob that came out of his little body."


Chris Ensing

CBC News

Chris Ensing is a reporter who has worked as a videojounalist and host for CBC News since 2011.