Construction will give Festival Plaza a face lift

Festival Plaza is currently under construction where a new retaining wall is being installed.

The project is currently in its early stages

Festival Plaza is currently under construction. (Tahmina Aziz/CBC)

The 100,000 sq. ft. Festival Plaza on Windsor's riverfront is getting a facelift.

The plaza is currently under construction — a new retaining wall is being installed to protect the space.

The project is currently in its early stages, according to Josie Liburdi, a technologist at the City of Windsor, who is overlooking Phase One of the project.

"Right now, the contractors on site are prepping the area to start the Redi-Rock retaining wall. We're going to be doing an asphalt trail up top along Riverside Drive, two lookout areas, and a guard rail that's going on top of the retaining wall as well," said Liburdi.

The plaza is used for concerts and events year-round, but mostly in the warmer months. 

(Landmark Engineering Inc.)

Liburdi said the entire project may take up "a couple years" to complete because they will halt construction during festival season. 

"It's probably going to be three to four years. It could be even longer," said Liburdi, who only works on Phase One of the project. Liburdi was not sure how much of an impact on ongoing events Phase Two would have. 

Phase One should be completed by the end of November.


  • An earlier version of this story said that festival season at the riverfront plaza would be cancelled for multiple years while construction continued. In fact, construction will stop during festival season so that events can continue as planned. It is because of these summer stops to construction that the full project will take multiple years.
    Sep 17, 2019 1:24 PM ET


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