Enwin warns customers about crypto scam, says it doesn't take that form of payment

Enwin is warning its customers to be wary if they get a call claiming they owe money and are told to pay by cryptocurrency.

Enwin does not currently accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as payment

The phone scam sends its victims to a Bitcoin ATM, where cash is exchanged for cryptocurrency. (Eddy Kennedy/CBC)

Enwin is warning customers about a new scam targeting customers with attempts to extort money through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

Customers in other parts of Ontario have received calls saying they owe money to a utility company, then demanding they go to an address where there is a cryptocurrency machine.

Customers would then likely buy the cryptocurrency and send it to the scammer, losing money in the process said Barbara Peirce Marshall, manager of corporate communication for Enwin.

Crypotcurrency is encrypted and decentralized, meaning the creation of coins and transactions are verified by a type of crypotgraphy, eliminating the need for a middle man like a bank.

"We have a process that we follow when customers have outstanding bills, so there are a series of notifications to the customer," said Marshall.

These notices would be sent either through mail or email depending on how the customer is set up with the company.

"We follow all the regulations set by the Ontario Energy Board for that," said Marshall. "Customers will know without anyone calling and asking them to go pay in a certain way at a certain time."

Marshall said there have been no scam attempts of this nature in Windsor, but warns customers in the area to be on guard. 

Enwin does not currently accept Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Customers who may have been contacted are asked to contact Enwin and the police.