Another drone sighting reported by pilot landing at Windsor airport

A pilot reported seeing a drone while landing at the Windsor International Airport on Monday.

New regulations took effect on June 1, days before the most recent report

There have been two drone sightings near the Windsor International Airport within 30 days.

For the second time in less than 30 days, a pilot flying near the Windsor International Airport reported passing a drone flying near the runway. 

A small, two-seat plane operated by a pilot training company reported passing a drone while approaching the runway on Monday. 

In May, a pilot flying the same plane reported passing a drone while departing the runway. 

Both reports describe a white drone between 30-60 centimetres in diameter, observed at 304 metres in the air. 

New regulations in effect

The sighting comes days after new regulations came in to effect for drone users in Canada. 

An online, interactive map from Transport Canada displays a three nautical-mile zone where basic drone operations are not permitted.

This map from Transport Canada shows that basic drone operations are not allowed inside the inner, smaller circle. (Government of Canada/

Other regulations include:

  • All pilots must be certified and all drones registered.
  • All pilots must pass an online exam to get a certificate for basic or advanced operations.
  • Pilots must be at least 14 years old for basic operations and 16 for advanced operations, unless supervised by a person having proper qualifications.