Months-long construction at Dougall 'death trap' begins in Windsor

If you have to take Dougall Avenue through the 'death trap' tunnel under the rail crossing, find a different way to go for the next few months.

Southbound traffic will especially be affected

Work to improve the so-called Dougall Avenue 'death trap' in Windsor has begun. The plan is to build an underpass and a multi-use trail to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists navigating Dougall Avenue. 0:52

If you have to take Windsor's Dougall Avenue through the 'death trap' tunnel under the rail crossing, find a different way to go for the next few months.

Southbound Dougall Avenue will be reduced to one lane between Ouellette Place and South Cameron Boulevard during the construction. Access points to and from Dougall Avenue at Ouellette Place will also be closed. 

Ouellette Place is the name of the small section where Dougall Avenue and Ouellette Avenue join. 

Paul Mourad, city engineer, said the construction might last until the end of November. 

"This is part of our transportation master plan. In order to [do the work], what we decided to do is place an underpass and multi-use trail that will join into the trail network on the road," said Mourad. 

The multi-use trail addition will happen at the same as general intersection improvements, including a signal. 

Work on a new addition to Dougall Avenue's 'death trap' tunnel could last until November. (Tony Smyth/CBC)

"When people want to go either northbound or southbound on Dougall, there will be a control there," said Mourad. "That will promote safe passage back and forth."

The rail road tracks aren't being changed — and the road isn't being widened. Work is being done beyond the curb, cutting into the railway embankment for the new trail. 

Cyclists won't have to 'squeeze' through

"Right now, there's a safety concern going through those bridge abutments, because there's not much room," said Mourad. "Now cyclists will be able to use the existing trail network."

Cyclists can come around South Cameron to close to Northwood Street, where they can take a separated trail through the underpass. When cyclists connect back to the road, there will be sharrows to accommodate them. 

According to Mourad, the changes are to bring things in line with Transportation and Bike Use Master Plans. 

A scanned image of a conceptual rendering showing the proposed addition to Dougall Avenue. (Supplied by Paul Mourad)

"It will allow safe, multi-use pedestrian flow from south Windsor northbound to wherever people want to go," said Mourad. " 

During construction, drivers will need to use Eugenie Street or Tecumseh Avenue to access Dougall north of where the work is taking place.


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