God tries to wipe out hockey in new Mitch Albom musical

Mitch Albom's latest play Hockey, the Musical includes a Canadian God, who has decided to eliminate hockey as a sport.

Toronto Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan makes video appearance in hockey musical

Hockey, the Musical!

7 years ago
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Noted author Mitch Albom has a new play, Hockey, the Musical! in which God is a Canuck.

In Mitch Albom's latest work of fiction, a Christian God has decided to wipe hockey off the face of the earth.

Such a notion might incite traditional fans of the sport to drop their gloves, while others turn to a more diplomatic debate.

Albom just hopes he gets a good laugh from audiences when they see his play, Hockey, the Musical!, which opened Thursday at City Theatre in Detroit.

The award-winning journalist, author and playwright says his latest project is a vast departure from his other, more sombre work, like Tuesdays with Morrie.

"I always thought hockey was a quirky enough sport that, if you're ever going to do a musical about a sport — and make it funny — it would make a great subject," Albom told CBC's Windsor Morning host Peter Duck.

God is a Canuck

Humour starts right from the start when God determines humans have created too many sports and he decides to eliminate one altogether.

After dismissing the idea of flooding the planet, the deity sends to earth an angel, who arbitrarily decides to wipe out hockey.

God is a Canuck in Hockey, the Musical, the latest play by Mitch Albom. (Aladar Nesser)

The musical is packed with Canadian references, including a song that reveals God is actually a Canuck. It includes the lyrics:

"God brought us all forth from a place in the great white north. He created the loonie and Brian Mulroney and other things of that sort."

A song from "Hockey: The Musical!", the latest work by award-winning journalist, author and playwright Mitch Albom. It is scheduled for for a 5-week run at the City Theater in Detroit.

Canadian humour

Canadians should appreciate the humour, Albom explained.

"The nicest people I know are always Canadian, so I wanted to throw a bone towards the fact that, if the deity had to pick a nationality, he'd probably pick Canada because they're good people," he said.

Five hockey fans try to convince God not to eliminate their favourite sport in Mitch Albom's latest play Hockey, the Musical! (Aladar Nesser)

Several famous hockey players make appearances via video screens, giving advice to the five main characters, who have the responsibility of changing God's mind and saving hockey.

Toronto Maple Leafs president and former Detroit Red Wing Brendan Shanahan makes an appearance, telling hockey fans heaven is located somewhere in the Big Smoke, a reference to Toronto's nickname.

(Aladar Nesser)