Windsor's inside workers vote in favour of contract

Inside workers for the City of Windsor voted overwhelmingly in favour of a tentative agreement on Monday night.

CUPE 543 members approve deal with City of Windsor

(CBC File Photo)

Inside workers with the City of Windsor voted 94.4 per cent in favour of accepting a new contract Monday night.

Around 490 members of CUPE Local 543 voted at both the Caboto Club and the Huron Lodge long-term care home, with results coming in just after 8:30 p.m.

"I'm relieved," said CUPE Local 543 president Mark Vander Voort. The deal came together last week after two days of meetings.

CUPE 543 President Mark Vander Voort.

An issue for the inside workers was "bumping language," said Vander Voort, who represents about 1,400 workers. The union leader said the City wanted to restrict workers from "bumping up" into a higher paying job if their position was eliminated. 

The new deal allows the City to have someone who wants to bump write a test to prove they are qualified before they can displace another employee.

"I think that's only fair," added Vander Voort.

The deal improves job security for members who were employees as of December 31, 2001, and also provides annual percentage wage increases.

"In the end ... we came up with a contract that is respectful to all parties," said Vander Voort, "including those people that pay their taxes."