CP rail police want you to stop taking shortcuts through rail tracks

For National Rail Safety Week, CP rail police are headed to a school for a presentation on the dangers of crossing a railroad.

Railway sits behind Princess Elizabeth Public School

Young students heard from CP police about the dangers of crossing a railway as a shortcut. (Jason Viau/CBC)

There's a wide green space behind the Princess Elizabeth Public School and behind that field is a railway. 

For National Rail Safety Week, Canadian Pacific Police Service (CP) police visited the school to warn young students about the dangers of crossing that railroad as a shortcut.

"They explore, they take shortcuts. It's human nature to take a shortcut," said Cst. Mark Umbenhower, who has been with CP police since 1987, "Seen more than my fair share of accidents and injuries."

Cst. Mark Umbenhower says the rail-related injuries and deaths are avoidable and kids need to know to not get near them. (Jason Viau/CBC)

The presentation is a way to educate kids early so they are aware of the potential dangers in being on the railroad or near the trains. He said they're also hoping to involve the parents in this awareness campaign so they can help enforce the message.

Police shared handouts, videos and photos of what people may encounter on the rails.

"All of them can be avoided. If you're not there, you can't get hurt," he said.