City planning committee approves Sandwich Towne arch design, cost pegged at $303,257

City planners approved the design for the 'Sandwich Town Arch' gateway Tuesday, that aims to "add to the grandeur" of the new roundabout and monument in the area.

Gateway will span Sandwich Street between Paterson and McKee Parks, featuring heritage plaques

An artist rendering of a gateway arch that will span Sandwich Street between Paterson and McKee Parks.

Members of Windsor's planning committee approved the design for the 'Sandwich Town Arch' gateway Tuesday, that will cost the city an estimated $303,257.

The city's planning, heritage and economic development standing committee approved the design ahead of Monday night's council meeting, when the arch is expected to be approved.

But not everyone attending Tuesday's meeting was on board with the project. 

"This archway, gateway, propaganda barrier is clearly cultural genocide," said Sandwich Towne resident Terry Kennedy at the meeting.

Kennedy went on to criticize city administration for their "incompetence when dealing with heritage matters," before councillor and chairperson Bill Marra told him he would be asked to leave.

"If you don't agree with the report and the recommendations, then do so without attacking administration," said Marra. 

Sandwich Towne residents have had to deal with vacant properties being demolished and a bridge war as of late, after the federal government approved a twin span would be erected in the area. 

"I can't be sorry because you keep on doing these things in my neighbourhood," said Kennedy.

The new gateway arch is set to go up between Paterson and McKee Parks. The posts will feature bronze heritage plaques celebrating the stories of Sandwich as chosen by the public. Citizens will be able to submit stories to the committee for research and approval. 

The arch itself is slated to cost $185,000 plus HST, and $115,000 is allocated to finding and creating the heritage plaques, as well as administration costs, archaeology costs, and miscellaneous fees.

This rendering shows the abutments on the arch that will showcase the historical plaques telling the stories of Sandwich as chosen by the public.

"It's something extra and something that will be very noticeable and around for a very long time," said Adam Coates, an urban design planner with the city. 

Coates said the gateway will compliment the Sandwich roundabout that includes a monument to Tecumseh and General Brock.

"I view this project as a positive extra piece on top of other layers that already exist in Sandwich Town," he said.