City estimates $29.7M financial loss due to COVID-19

The City of Windsor has a clearer idea of the financial impacts COVID-19 has had this year.

Financial projection report going before council next Monday

The City of Windsor is projecting a multi-million dollar deficit for 2020 due to the impacts of COVID-19. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

The City of Windsor has a clearer idea of the financial impacts COVID-19 has had this year. 

In a report that will go before council next Monday by deputy treasurer Tony Ardovini, the city estimates the financial impact of COVID-19 to be about $29.7M this year. 

Here's some of the departments expecting major deficits this year:

  • Recreation & Culture — $5.2M deficit
  • Transit Services — $4.8M deficit
  • Parks & Facility Operations — $3.8M deficit
  • Facility Operations — $3.9M deficit
  • On/Off Street Parking Operating Reserve — $1.5M deficit
  • Parking Enforcement — $1.3M deficit
  • Huron Lodge — $860,000 deficit
  • Windsor Fire & Rescue — $746,000 deficit
  • Housing & Children's Services — $720,000 deficit
  • Council Services — $715,000 deficit
  • YQG and Windsor Detroit Border Link Dividends — $2M deficit
  • OLGC Casino Revenue — $6.6M deficit

This report estimates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to be over by 2020, but say the financial implications could be worse if business doesn't return to normal.

The recommendation to council is that the city proactively seek financial support from the provincial and federal governments. 

The city has already received $5.6M in government funding for "specific supports" in areas like long-term care, according to the report. But due to provincial legislation that requires municipalities to balance their budget, the city's finance department is asking council to continue to seek more funding. 

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