Anita Shovel and Gordie Plow set to hit the streets of Chatham-Kent this winter

Anita Shovel and Gordie Plow are just two of 13 snow plows that will be hitting Chatham-Kent streets this winter. 

Chatham-Kent gives punny names to 13 snow plows

Chatham-Kent snow plows will get their new names in January. (Submitted by Chatham-Kent staff)

Anita Shovel and Gordie Plow are just two of 13 snow plows that will be hitting Chatham-Kent streets this winter. 

In October, the municipality had residents nominate and then vote on names for six of the city's 100 snow plows. After more than 1,000 nominations, the winners of the plows were announced Wednesday.

"It was something fun, with what's going on around, we needed some fun things," said Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff. 

Residents cast more than 5,300 votes on their favourites. 

LISTEN | Chatham-Kent Mayor talks about the plow contest:  
Chatham-Kent's snowplow naming contest is wrapping up. All that's left is to announce the winning names. Mayor Darrin Canniff talks with Tony Doucette.

Canniff said since they got so much engagement, they decided to name a dozen plows. He added that lucky number 13 was named after local radio station host Chris McLeod and it will be called the McCleodinator . 

McLeod is also the play-by-play voice of the Windsor Spitfires. 

The 12 names include: 

  • Anita Shovel. 
  • Gordie Plow.
  • Blizzard of Oz. 
  • Darth Blader. 
  • Pillsbury Plowboy. 
  • Sled Zepplin. 
  • Buzz Ice-Clear. 
  • Qunuk (Inuit word for snowflake). 
  • Flurrious George. 
  • School's Not Cancelled. 
  • Snobi One Kenobi. 
  • Sleetwood Mac. 

Canniff said he reached out to Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens in the hopes of creating a competition between the municipalities, but was told Windsor doesn't own their snow plows. 

In January, Canniff said the named plows will have labels placed on them and people will also be able to track them online. 

The entire contest was funded by WINMAR. 

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