Census data shows Windsor's population has grown by 3 per cent

Windsor is home to 217,188 people, according to the 2016 census, that's up from the 210,891 recorded in 2011.

Windsor is home to 217,188 people, according to the 2016 census


Windsor's population has grown by three per cent in the past five years, but the city still fell behind the national growth rate, according to data collected during the 2016 census.

Statistics Canada released the first batch of numbers from the census on Wednesday, revealing the metropolitan area of Windsor increased by 3.1 per cent since the last census in 2011.

The area's growth rate was below the national growth rate of 5.0 per cent, while the population of Ontario increased by 4.6 per cent.

When the 2016 census was taken last May 10, the population of the census metropolitan area of Windsor was 329,144, compared with 319,246 from the 2011 census. The population of the actual city of Windsor was 217,188, up from from 210,891 in 2011.

More census data coming

The census indicated that Windsor ranked No. 16 among the country's 35 census metropolitan areas.

Canada's population on census day was 35,151,728, Statistics Canada reported.

The national census is conducted every five years. The information published Wednesday is the first of several releases of data to come from Statistics Canada over the next year that will eventually paint a detailed picture of the country, right down to the local level - including age breakdowns of the population, family makeup, languages spoken, immigration and ethnic origin, the level of education attained and income earned.

Future census releases will give more insight to explain the reasons behind the population changes - whether it's related mostly to changes in birth and death rates, immigration or interprovincial migration.

Here's a look at population changes for other areas in the region:

LaSalle 30,180 - up 5.4%
Tecumseh 23,229 - down 1.6%
Lakeshore 36,611 - up 6%
Amherstburg 21,936 - up 1.8%
Essex 20,427 - up 4.2%
Kingsville 21,552 - up 0.9%
Leamington 27,595 - down 2.8% 
Windsor-Essex  398,953 - up 2.6%
Chatham-Kent  102,042 - down 2%
Sarnia 71,594 - down 1.1%

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