CAW retirees occupy MP's constituency office

About a dozen CAW retirees and union representatives occupied the office of Essex Conservative MP Jeff Watson for two hours and left after the MP agreed to meet with them later this month.

Group wants to speak with Jeff Watson about old age security

A Conservative MP has agreed to meet with a group of Windsor-area CAW retirees after they occupied the MP's office for two hours Thursday.

However, Essex MP Jeff Watson told CBC News he considers the act a political stunt.

"I think that's bad faith on the part of the CAW and its affiliated groups," Watson said. "But beyond that, I guess I'm frustrated. I think there are people who didn't get their EI claims approved today and other things like that."

The group walked into the office of Watson at 1:30 p.m. wanting to speak with him about potential changes to old age security.

The group has concerns about the government possibly of raising the retirement age from 65 to 67. They said it would hurt seniors with limited incomes.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has never definitively said that is going to happen. He did say in an interview with Postmedia News and the National Post the government is exploring the idea of gradually increasing the age threshold for OAS eligibility.

Watson was in Ottawa and his assistant in Essex wasn't able to immediately reach him.

Watson's staff has asked the protesters to leave but the group said it would only leave after Watson heard its concerns.

The demonstration was peaceful but police were called to break it up. Watson's office eventually closed early Thursday — around 3:30 p.m. — after the MP agreed to meet with the group sometime after Feb. 18.

According to organizers, similar demonstrations took place at the offices of 23 other Conservative MPs.