Cat cafe to 'pawp up' in Windsor

Moggy's Mission Cat Rescue will host a Cat Cafe event on January 26 and 27, 2018 where people can have coffee while enjoying some feline company.

Moggy's Mission Cat Rescue will host an event where visitors can have coffee with cats

Cat at Moggy's Mission. (Tony Doucette/CBC)

It's a purrfect combination for animal lovers — a warm drink, relaxing conversation with friends and a dozen or so cats and kittens periodically stopping by for a head scratch.

Scenes like these have become common in cat cafes across Canada. They have been growing in popularity in recent years, but this will be Windsor's first.

Being described as a "pawp-up", the cafe will be open for two days only and will be held at Moggy's Mission Rescue on Tecumseh Rd E.

Amanda Scully, program director at Moggy's Mission cat rescue, poses with one of the cats that will attend the Cat Cafe on January 26 and 27. (Tony Doucette/CBC)

"It's a cafe environment, as you would expect, except you are surrounded by cats. And in our case they are rescued and/or adoptable cats," said Amanda Scully, program director at Moggy's Mission. "We have a lot of cats that were a Christmas present that [people] didn't want anymore."

Scully said the cafe will be able to accommodate 30 attendees per hour.

Edmontonians visit a pop-up cat cafe. (CBC/Richard Marion)

"We'll have everybody set up enjoying hot beverages and treats. They'll be surrounded by cats playing and cat beds and they'll have toys around. People will be welcome to play some games, read a book, have a fun date with their friends or maybe even a romantic date with a cat on their lap."  

But it's not just going to be a catastrophic free-for-all. There will be rules.

Scully said people will get their food and drink in one room, and then move into a more cat friendly area.

"As long as everyone is being respectful of the cats, that's our main goal," she said.

Moggy's Mission cat rescue will host its first Cat Cafe at their location in Tecumseh January 26 and 27. (Tony Doucette/CBC)

The ultimate goal, however, is to raise awareness to the "adopt, don't shop" mindset that many people have, said Scully. 

A fee of $10 per person gets you a bottomless cup of tea or coffee and a snack. All proceeds will go to the rescue animals.

Scully said the event has received quite a bit of attention already. She said they've had thousands of shares on Facebook and they already have people making reservations.

"If all goes well, of course we want to bring it back."