Canadian businessman Salim Alaradi can't leave U.A.E. after freed from prison, on travel ban list

Salim Alaradi, the Canadian businessman detained in the United Arab Emirates for nearly two years, isn't allowed to leave the country because he's on a list of banned travellers, his daughter tells CBC in Windsor, Ont.

Family says Alaradi's travel documents have been confiscated, limiting his movement in U.A.E.

Salim Alaradi, a businessman with family in Windsor, Ont., remains in the U.A.E. after being released from prison. (Marwa Alaradi/Twitter)

The federal government is aware Salim Alaradi, the Canadian businessman detained in the United Arab Emirates for nearly two years, isn't allowed to leave the country. 

Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Rachna Mishra told CBC in a statement the government is "focusing our efforts on having travel restrictions on Mr. Alaradi lifted without delay."

Salim's daughter Marwa Alaradi spoke to CBC's Windsor Morning host Tony Doucette on Wednesday, a day after her father was freed from prison. She said her father is not allowed to leave because he is on a list of banned travellers. 

"This is absolutely a shock and disappointing because it's one problem after another after another," Marwa Alaradi said. "My father has been in the airport for hours waiting and not allowed to travel." 

In a statement issued late Wednesday, the family said there are additional clearance issues with Alaradi's newly issued Canadian passport.

"We insisted over and over again that Canadian officials be present to ensure his smooth release," a frustrated Marwa Alaradi said. 

On Monday, he was acquitted on a charge of collecting donations without permission of the appropriate ministry and sending them to a foreign country. 

Prior to that charge, and after first spending 17 months in a U.A.E. prison, the Libyan-Canadian businessman was charged with several terrorism-related charges in January 2016.​ The charges were dropped in March, at which time he was charged with collecting donations without permission.

​Alaradi spoke publicly for the first time late Tuesday when his daughter posted a video of her father to Twitter.