Leamington, Ont., farmers crack the mystery of the giant egg

Corrie and Jason Adamson found a massive egg on their farm almost two weeks ago. Today they decided to crack the egg, and inside they found a surprise. A second egg.

The Adamsons still don't know which chicken laid the huge egg

A family  of three cracking open an egg with another egg inside it (left). An egg next to an apple and an orange for scale (right).
The Adamson family cracked open the big egg live on Facebook on Wednesday. (Simpson Orchard/Corrie Adamson )

They say you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, but for Corrie and Jason Adamson, owners of Simpson Orchards in Leamington, Ont., a huge egg laid by one of their chickens was more than enough. 

The egg was almost the size of an orange — Jason said it was bigger than any egg he'd ever seen. 

The Adamsons said their store was slow from the snow storm on Wednesday and with their family and a few customers around, they decided to live stream themselves cracking the egg they found two weeks before. 

"I guess it was a good day to do it," Jason said. 

When Adamson cracked it on camera, there was a surprise — inside the egg there was another egg. 

A massive egg sits between an orange and an apple.
A massive egg sits between an orange and an apple. (Submitted by Corrie Adamson)

"I think everybody was kind of stunned that there was an egg inside of the egg," Jason said. 

But Adamson said the second egg wasn't unexpected. 

"We could tell when we moved it a little bit that there was something inside that was hard, hitting the outside egg. So we had a feeling that it was definitely going to be two eggs," she said. 

The egg has been a local attraction for the past few weeks, Adamson said. 

"We usually have at least a dozen customers a day come in asking to see it and we have it here on display to show everybody, so we were showing it off while we could," she said, adding she thinks people will miss the egg now that it's gone. 

Jason said he plans to give the egg to his egg-loving dog now that its been cracked open.

He said her favourite way to eat eggs is, "As fast as she can." 

With files from Windsor Morning


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