Windsor student choirs joining Barry Manilow on stage at Caesars July 13

Choirs from two Windsor high schools are practicing for a big night at Caesars next Friday, where they'll be joining Barry Manilow on stage for the finale.

Students come in, even when school’s out, to practice for big night

The choirs have been practicing separately for three weeks and on Thursday evening they held their first joint rehearsal. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

When Chloe Chang was told she'll be singing with Barry Manilow at Caesars, she did not jump for joy.

"Who is this old guy?" She remembers thinking.

But when she told her family the news that her choir at school will be joining him on stage during the finale next Friday at The Colosseum, her dad was incredibly excited.

"My dad goes nuts. He's going crazy, he's like 'Oh my God, we have to get tickets. Do we get discounted tickets?" Chang recalls.

Chang is a grade 10 student from St. Anne Catholic High School and her choir, along with the choir at Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School will be singing Manilow's three hits — Copacabana, Miracle and I write the songs.

Chang hopes to snag a photo with Manilow at the concert. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

'We're so lucky'

I write the songs happens to be Lindsay Longpre's favourite. She's the teacher with Cardinal Carter's choir.

And next Friday night will be a special one not just for the students, but also the two choir directors -- because they get to sing on stage with the choir and Manilow.

"It's really a once in a lifetime opportunity for us," she says.

The two choirs have been practicing separately for about three weeks. They have several joined rehearsals before the big night and even though it's summer break, the students are still showing up to practice.

28 students will share the stage with Barry Manilow at Caesars Windsor on June 13. (Stacey Janzer)

"The music kids are always the good kids that we get, we're so lucky," says Anna Villella, music teacher at St. Anne.

Hours before the performance, the students will be learning some basic choreography to go with the songs as well.

And for Chang who didn't know who Manilow was when she first heard the news, she's now giddy about the prospects of being on stage with him.

"He's an amazing writer," she says. "The harmonies in [the songs] … I find it really fun."

"I want to get a picture with Barry."

With files from Stacey Janzer