Banksy on display in Windsor-Essex alongside local artists

People in the Windsor-Essex region will be able to stand next to an authentic Banksy piece this week, as the anonymous street artist's piece Haight Street Rat makes it's first Canadian stop in the region.

People can see street artist Banksy's painting free this week at Wolfhead Distillery

This Banksy piece will be in Windsor-Essex this week at the WolfHead Distillery. (

A portrait of a giant rat is coming to Windsor that's worth millions — because it's painted by elusive British artist Banksy.

The Haight Street Rat is touring Canada ahead of the Canadian premiere of the Netflix documentary "Saving Banksy," a film that documents art collector Brian Grief's attempt to save the street painting from destruction. 

"Most people are considering this specific painting, the Haight Street Rat as one of the most sought after pieces of contemporary art in the world," said organizer Jason Freed. 

Windsor will be the first Canadian city to host the painting because the Toronto venue was not ready in time for its showing. 

People in Windsor-Essex can see the piece on display at Wolfhead Distillery this week for free from Tuesday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

There will also be tickets available for purchase to charity events each night. 

Freed said part of Banksy's appeal is that no one knows who exactly is behind the artwork.

"I think part of the mystic is Banksy is anonymous nobody really knows who he is," said Freed. 

"Yes his work is politically motivated but it's cheeky humour. I think it's pretty clever it makes you think, and that's good."

Immersive Display

Organizers picked Wolfhead Distillery as a venue for its size and location — saying that it was important to display the piece in a border city. 

But the Banksy piece won't be the only artwork on display.

"We're showcasing over 20 local artists, the youngest of which is eleven years old," said Freed, adding their will be local music at the event as well. 

"The one thing we wanted to do was also showcase — not only the artist themselves, Banksy's art — but we wanted to get the arts community."

One of those community members is Em Mo, a Windsor artist who will have her art on display as well.