Bambi the disabled Ontario dog is about to be a calendar girl

Charlotte's Freedom Farm in Dresden, Ont. has a celebrity on its hands.

Little rescue from Mexico has only two legs and uses a cart to get around

Little Bambi was originally found in Mexico. Now, the rescue will be featured on a calendar. (Submitted by Walkin' Pets )

Charlotte's Freedom Farm in Dresden, Ont. has a celebrity on its hands.

One of their adoptees, a little dog named Bambi, is going to be a calendar girl.

She has won a spot in the 2021 Walkin' Pets Calendar in a contest that drew entries from 27 countries around the world.

Walkin' Pets makes mobility equipment for pets. The company's calendar aims to raise awareness about pet mobility and features pets who have various physical disabilities.

"Bambi was found on the streets of Mexico, she was dragging both of her back legs and had a bone infection," said Lauren Edwards, founder of Charlotte's Freedom Farm.

"She was found by a lady there, Dolly, and had to have both of her legs amputated."

Edwards' had a barn fire at her rescue operation and unfortunately lost a dog at that time, she said. But, she wanted another resuce pet and found out about Bambi. 

WATCH | Here's Bambi's rescue story:

"She's got huge ears that go straight up and out so she always looks very happy and goofy," Edwards laughed. "Just a happy, happy, happy dog, even without the wheelchair she bounces around on her two legs."

"It is amazing," Edwards said of the "wheelchair" her dog uses. "She knows that she can run, it is cool."

But owning a dog in Bambi's condition does take extra care. Edwards said she has to be diapered when indoors, though it is "not that much more work," her owner explained. 

"I think people think these kinds of dogs are going to be a huge challenge but they adapt so well, they do," she said. 

Dolly, the woman in Mexico who found Bambi, originally submitted her for the calendar contest. There was a few hundred dogs in that contest, said Edwards. 

Charlotte's Freedom Farm founder Lauren Edwards, along with Tulip the Turkey. (Submitted by Lauren Edwards)

"It's wonderful. the calendar is cool because it raises awareness for these dogs and the product," said Edwards, who also uses the carts for other animals. 

"We take in a lot of animals here and ducks, when they only have one leg, they can't get around ... they actually make a duck cart and I've used it for three different goats." 

But for Bambi, the fame hasn't seem to gone to her head.

"She just melts when you pet her," said Edwards. 


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