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Net-zero home in Indigenous community wins UW students award from U.S. Department of Energy

Members of a design team at the University of Waterloo placed second at the 2020 Solar Decatholon, which is put on by the U.S. Department of Energy, for designing and building a net-zero energy home in an Indigenous community near Wiarton.

Bloc MP apologizes for taking screenshot of naked House of Commons colleague

A Bloc Québécois member of Parliament has apologized for taking a screenshot of his colleague while he was naked during online House of Commons proceedings.

Canadian Medical Association issues 'urgent' call for unprecedented measures to fight pandemic

The Canadian Medical Association has issued a plea for a number of what it calls "unprecedented" measures to address rising COVID-19 case numbers in many provinces across the country. Among them, stricter public health measures, more national collaboration and sharing resources across provinces.

O'Toole will vote against MP's private member's bill on sex-selective abortion

Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole says he will vote against a private member's bill from a member of his caucus which would make it a criminal offence for a medical practitioner to perform an abortion solely on the grounds of the sex of the fetus.

Please don't feed peanuts to wildlife — it can put anaphylactic kids at risk, says Baden mom

Danielle Maddock tries to keep her Waterloo-area home safe for her 16-month-old daughter, who is severely allergic to peanuts, but says chipmunks, squirrels and other wildlife are carrying peanut shells into her backyard. Now she's calling on the community to think twice before providing such snacks.

China welcomes UN visit to Xinjiang, but opposes investigation

China would welcome a United Nations visit to Xinjiang Autonomous Region — the scene of what some nations have called a government campaign of genocide against the Uyghur minority — but Beijing is opposed to an "investigation with a presumption of guilt," a spokesperson for China's foreign ministry said.

Waterloo's free rides to vaccine clinics are not wheelchair-accessible

The usefulness of an offer by the City of Waterloo to take people with disabilities and older adults to vaccination appointments is being questioned, because the transportation being used is not wheelchair accessible.

Pandemic halved number of recruits for local Canadian Forces reserves

Canada Army reserve units in Wellington County saw a drop in the number of recruits this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic hampered the recruiting process.

Facebook partners with Ottawa to educate the public about vaccines

Social media giant Facebook is releasing a plan today to educate the public about COVID-19 vaccines in collaboration with the federal government.

People who spread BS more likely to fall for misinformation, U of Waterloo research says

A new study from University of Waterloo researchers suggests people who exaggerate and distort information to impress and persuade others are more likely to fall for misinformation.