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Katerina Georgieva is an RTDNA award winning multi-platform journalist for CBC News based in Windsor, Ont., with a passion for human interest stories. She has also worked for CBC in Toronto, Charlottetown, and Winnipeg. Have a news tip? You can reach her at katerina.georgieva@cbc.ca

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With skilled trades workers in high demand — young students and guidance counsellors are part of the solution

As more and more skilled trade workers gear up for retirement, there's a strong push in Windsor-Essex, Ont., to bring in young talent to replace them.

As skilled trade workers gear up for retirement, employers worry about filling the gap

As plant manager Mike Jenner walks through the busy shop floor of Laval Tool & Mould, he's very aware of one key truth: in order for operations to stay afloat in the years to come, the industry needs more workers to join the ranks.

Your plant might be telling you it's stressed — you just can't hear it

The new study out of Israel, the findings of which were published by scientific journal Cell, has discovered that plants emit sounds when under stress — but at a range too high for humans to hear.

Debunking the 15-minute-city conspiracy theory — and why it erupted at Essex County council

Some Windsor-Essex residents are fearful of the concept of 15-minute-cities coming to the county — even though County of Essex officials stress it's not even on the table, with some experts chalking up related concerns to conspiracy theory thinking.

If you can afford an EV — here are some of the financial benefits, according to an EV owner

While automobile industry experts point out that electric vehicles are not necessarily affordable for the average consumer, EV owners argue that once you've made the purchase, the cost savings are significant — and well worth the investment.

Ada Kelly Whitney is featured in a new mural in Windsor. Here's how she made history

If you check out Windsor's McDougall Street Corridor, you'll notice three new murals commemorating Black history that were recently unveiled. One of the individuals highlighted is Ada Kelly Whitney, known for being the first Black woman hired by an Ontario public school board. 

1 year after war began, Ukrainians in Windsor reflect on a life forever changed

When Karyna Nikashyna thinks back on her life over the past year, she says it changed dramatically after Russia launched its military invasion on Ukraine.
The Real Cost of EVs

Electrification of Windsor's auto industry promises new jobs — but what happens to blue-collar workers?

The biggest employer in the city is about to go through some major changes as Stellantis makes big moves to electrify its automobiles, but what will happen to staff at the Windsor Assembly Plant in southwestern Ontario?
The Real Cost of EVs

Electric vehicles promise environmental wins. But could there be environmental costs?

The ferocious push toward the electrification of vehicles in Windsor, Ont., and Canada promises to be a key factor in the country's commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 — but some environmentalists are concerned that speed could come with consequences.
The Real Cost of EVs

The government wants you to own an electric vehicle — but who can even afford them?

Windsor is a future home for electric vehicle (EV) and battery production, but data shows people in the southwestern Ontario city can't afford to buy them.